Time off and other paradoxes of pastoral life

My friend Over at umpastormom wrote this about the day off dichotomy

If you didn’t click over to read, she shares the struggle she has to take the time off she knows she needs to keep herself and her children happy and whole. Why is it hard? Because whenever she does, she feels so behind for the rest of the week. The struggle is REAL. 

Sunday always comes. And people will want a sermon. And the musicians want song choices, and the secretary needs the liturgy for the bulletin and there are still people to visit and meetings and programs….. The list continues at home. Kids are relentless in how they want fed over and over again every day. They were all the clothes too. And diapers…. So. Many. Diapers. 

So where do we find sabbath? I’m still figuring it out, friends. And I work part time. When I first went part time it seemed like it would solve all that. After all, I was getting back 15-20 hours a week! Except I was also giving up a lot of childcare hours, and my reduced pay meant the need to budget and shop more carefully and cook at home more. 

So what do I do right now? For now, I still feel like I’m cheating when I use my Tuesday kid free afternoon for a DIY pedicure. But I’m trying to engage my kids in caring for our home (on age appropriate levels) and engage laity in using their gifts for making disciples and building one another up and trusting that God didn’t need me to create the church and the future of the kin-Dom is in God’s hands not mine. In the meantime, I’m working on worship planning a few weeks ahead to take the urgency out of that equation. I haven’t gotten there yet, so I’ll let ya know if I manage to make that a reality!

Have you found the key to a day off that’s replenishing? Join the conversation!

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